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Woman urged to stop getting tattoos as she looks ‘scary’ – and pal’s plea for next inking

A woman who is covered in tattoos said that she is so extensively inked that her friends beg her to stop – and some say she looks ‘scary’.

Milana Pulliainen, 30, has incredible artwork over her legs, arms, chest, and even has a floral pattern that covers the back of her head.

She used to worry that the tattoos may make it difficult for her to find work but so far that’s not been the case, and she continues to seek out new ink at every opportunity.

But her artwork isn’t always well received, as she’s now revealed that some friends have urged her to stop – and some even said they are afraid of her.

Milana said: “I have several tattoos. Some are individual images and some are entities.

“I want my whole body full of tattoos and that project is well underway

“My favourite is a friend’s face on my thigh and a tattoo on my head.

“I have a sun tarot card on my head, which means to me that I always want to believe that no matter how hard it is to cope with everything, the sun always shines. “

Milana, who said that her most painful tattoo was the one on her head, added that her style has changed over the years – as she used to be self-conscious.

She added: “My style has changed a lot. At the point where I no longer wonder what others think of me, life feels so much better.

“Until the age of 17-27, I thought I was going to take only a few tattoos because I was thinking about getting a job. Then I got to know my tattoo artist who encouraged me to show what I wanted.

“After that, I dared to start tattooing my whole body. I am much more open, bolder and confident when I have a lot of tattoos. They cheer me up with their colours.

“I also remember a lot of nasty comments in my youth so I don’t care what others say anymore. Such courage has come. I also like to encourage others to have the courage to look exactly how they want.

“My parents didn’t like that I have so many tattoos but they don’t tell me about it anymore. For my friends, my tattoos have always been – to them, my tattoos are gorgeous.”

Milana went on to say in her home town in Finland, not many people have tattoos and sometimes she receives hurtful comments about her ink.

She said: “I live in a city where people don’t have a lot of tattoos, .some older people are horrified. There is also a lot of wondering and staring, but for the most part, people have kept negative comments to themselves.

“Familiar people ask if there is still room to tattoo more? Many say, ‘don’t have more tattoos on your face’.

“Some of my tattoos matter why they were taken and some don’t. Almost all the most important people in my life are in some way in my tattoos.

“Many times I have also heard that I look scary because I have so many tattoos – but I am happy, positive and approachable by nature.

“I didn’t like my body so much when I didn’t have tattoos. I love that art travels all over my body with me.”