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DJ Moore: The offense is way better than previous years

The Panthers brought in a new offensive coordinator this year when they hired Ben McAdoo, but they didn’t upgrade the quarterback position and that has led to some doubt about their ability to improve on offense heading into the fall.

Wide receiver DJ Moore did his best to quiet those doubts during a Wednesday appearance on The Rich Eisen Show. Moore said that McAdoo’s “terminology is hard, but it’s going to work in the long run” and that the team’s offseason work has left him confident that the team will be more effective when they have the ball this year.

“I feel like it’s a better, like, structure for us going into this year than previous years. . . . I could tell you a little something like the offense is way better than previous years,” Moore said. “So we have a lot of upgraded weapons and calls that will help us out this year.”

Moore’s prediction won’t be right without improved play at quarterback and, barring a trade, that means Sam Darnold will have to take a leap forward. Moore said that he “could see a growth in him already” this year.

After nine touchdowns and 13 interceptions in his first year in Carolina, there’s plenty of room for Darnold to grow and the Panthers will need him to keep doing it if this year is going to be a serious improvement over the last one.