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Mum ‘extremely hurt’ as nan drops grandchild’s birthday plans for ‘golden child’

A woman has taken to Mumsnet to highlight her “extreme” upset as her own mother has backed out of a celebration for her son’s fifth birthday.

In the post, she claimed that her mum “always” puts her brother first – who she sarcastically dubbed the “golden child”.

The ordeal left the mum fuming – as she feels like her son is treated like an “afterthought” by his very own nan.

Whilst the user is currently not in contact with her sibling – she is raging at the situation and asked for advice online.

The fed-up woman wrote: “Long story short, my older brother is the golden child. My mother always puts him and his family first.”

“My brother and I are not speaking (this is his fault, please trust me on that) – and my mother had chosen to take his side, and consequently we (husband, children and I) are always left out of stuff.

“Ironically, my brother treats her like s**t,” she added.

“She is never included in his life, and I include her always (invite her on holidays and heavily involve her in stuff as she is lonely and loves to be involved with grandchildren as brother shuts her out).”

Things took a turn as the user described that her mum had dropped their grandchild’s birthday plans a week in advance – even though her son is “excited”.

She said: “His actual birthday is a weekday, my mother asks what we are doing… We are doing cake and presents after school.”

“She asks if she can come – we say of course – my son is excited and has mentioned the plan several times.

“Today, my mother says she now has other plans, tickets to an event at 3pm so maybe she can ‘pop’ at his bedtime. Maybe.

“Guess who other plans are with? That’s right.

“Is it too much to expect her to keep my son’s birthday free as f*g agreed?

“And not treat him like an afterthought she can ‘pop’ and see when she’s finished with her preferred plan with golden child, which she made AFTER saying she would come?” The mum fumed.

Users fled to the comment section to share their thoughts on the upsetting ordeal.

Many replied saying that the original poster should cut ties with her mum completely.

One user commented: “I know people like this and they’re so desperate for the crumbs and in fear of losing even them that they don’t see the hurt it causes everyone else.”

“For your own mental health you need to either accept she’s always going to treat you like shite and keep your expectations very low, or you need to take a step back,” they added.

“I’d honestly just stop bothering with her,” a second penned. “That’s probably the only way she will see how much its impacting you.

“When she finds herself even more lonely perhaps she will have a bit more self awareness.”