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Inside abandoned vintage Burger King found behind wall at shopping centre

Builders discovered a retro abandoned Burger King after knocking down a shopping centre wall.

The vintage restaurant stood untouched from when it shut its doors – and the former owners even left an old bag from when the fast food branch closed.

Shocked staff at Concord Mall in Wilmington, US, couldn’t believe what they found when workmen chipped away.

Officials were “blown away” when the wall turned out to be hiding something unexpected.

General manager Tom Dahlke said: “It’s probably the oldest still intact Burger King in the world.”

With multiple pastel-coloured tables, booths and stacked white chairs, the huge old-school Burger King looked like it served customers in the 80s.

Mr Dahlke took New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer on a tour of the restaurant and said they have no idea when the Burger King first opened.

It was almost 5,000 square feet, and located between Trendy Man and Cell Fun.

He went on to note how “nostalgic” mall shoppers and thousands of Twitter users have been about the store, as the mall plans fill up the empty space at some point.

“It is a surprise to me that it has taken off as quickly as it did,” he added. It is kind of cool to have something that nostalgic here in the building. We’re hopeful to rent it and have it occupied soon.”

There wasn’t any food left behind to be discovered.

But earlier this year a man was left stunned after finding a half eaten McDonald’s meal inside the wall when renovating his bathroom.

Rob, from Illinois, found the meal “wrapped up in an old rag”, with the vintage packaging containing a packet of half-finished chips .

He’s pretty certain the meal, which he found in the plaster, has been there since his home was built back in 1959 – and he says the fries were still “perfectly crispy”.

He went on to admit he was relieved to see that the paper bag only contained fries, having initially been worried that he’d stumbled across something more sinister.

Speaking with Newsweek, Rob said: “While removing a fixture in the bathroom I noticed a piece of cloth stuck behind plaster and pulled it out to show my wife.

“It was balled up and we could tell there was something else inside.

“When we unwrapped it and found the old McDonald’s bag and fries we were very surprised and grateful that is all we found hidden.”